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Hi, I'm Len. I’m the one-woman-band behind what is I Love Wednesdays. I’m a photographer who ended up becoming a designer who ended up becoming a photographer. I’ve won awards for the photo and designy stuffs both locally and in lands of yonder (though how I still can’t figure out how to make a meringue base for a pavlova truly is beyond me).

The photos that I take aren’t just a record of the day, they are a reflection of the mood, spirit and history of you and your families as you come together... with a good dash of quirk thrown in.

OMG the photos are amazing!! You have done such a great job of not only capturing beautiful photos but also the love that radiates on the day. That day was such a blur and your photos brought back all the wonderful memories. Thank you.

Thanks again Len. You are wonderful :)

liz & wayne

INCREDIBLE! We love it !!!!!!! I don’t think I can put enough exclamation marks to show you how much i love and appreciate all the work you have done for us just amazing! We received all the photos on the DVD the other week too and the little bit extra :) They were all packaged so lovely too I almost didn’t want to open it. p.s Jared and I were discussing the couple of people who made our day really really special and one of them was YOU! Thanks so much again.

danielle & jared

Wow... you’ve definitely worked your magic! These images are amazing. You know how to make two normal people look good :) So, Len... what a testament to you! You’re on the right track, and have found your calling :)

wai cheng & valerio

I am so amazed by your photography, I can’t tell you how much I love our wedding photos. Thank you again so, so much, you were an integral part of the day and everyone was so pleased to have you there. You made it more special.

felicity & scott

loved up sessions

Loved Up Sessions are in essence a lifestyle portrait shoot, they're more about who you are and what you love than any sort of posing. If you think about it, you're engaged for a lot longer than the wedding actually goes for, and this fun, crazy, hectic, wonderful time in your life should be documented. It's those things that you love to do right here and now in this moment that I want you to remember, whether its your Sunday brunch routine at your favourite little cafe, setting up your first house together, or playing with your dogs at the park.

Those are the things that make you awesome. Let's remember them.

Sessions begin from $950.


The way that we approach weddings is in an artfully photo-journalistic way. It’s not enough to just capture the events of your day, but what we do is capture the emotion, the feel, the mood. You most likely won’t notice us a lot of the time, and that’s the way we like it. We try to blend in as much with you and your guests, so they don’t notice us when struggling to do up the dress and or making amazing faces while having a dance-off.

The way that we work is by capturing a whole lot of candids, as we truly believe that nothing transports you back to your wedding day like seeing the genuine emotions and real smiles from your day.

Packages include full-day coverage include high-resolution edited jpgs from your day and start from $4200. Contact us for more information.